“A straightforward and utterly engaging one-stop guide to growing older.” – Kirkus Reviews

Aging in our society is like stepping into an alternate universe. It looks the same, but it’s really not! 

Unexpected dangers that could ruin the rest of your life:

  • Medical professionals who think a three-question test is sufficient to label you mentally impaired 
  • A broken guardianship program where a used-car dealer is made a judge — and he can declare you incompetent without even seeing you.
  • Medical research that has willfully ignored seniors — risking your health and even your life

Get the dirty little secrets — and how to protect yourself! — from a society that mostly prefers to warehouse and then forget its seniors.

Then this “delightfully optimistic book” will open a world of great choices for you: 

  • Retire — or don’t 
  • Get credit (and respect!) for your life experiences
  • Get all the love, sex, and fun(!) you want
  • Learn how to live the way YOU want — whether others approve or not.

“Should be the guide of choice for one’s older years, whether the reader is in their 50s, 60s, or beyond.” —Midwest Book Review

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